Not Simply Men of Political Genius

Oftentimes it has struck me while reading the prophets of the Old Testament (Isaiah or the minor prophets), that these men may not actually be speaking for God, but be expressing their own displeasure with and toward the people of Israel or the entire world. As prophets, they may feel fed up that their audience is not responding favorably to their call to repent and honor their God that led them out of Egypt. Frustration seems understandable. The thought sometimes creeps into my mind while reading their “frustrations” that what they are speaking could be their own pent-up feelings dressed up in lengthy discourse; and, thus not God’s own words, his prophecy.

Several ideas now come to me that seemingly speak against this de-sacradization of holy writ:

  1. The frustrations are the frustrations of God. After all, he is holding out his hands all day long to a rebellious people (Isaiah 65:2).
  2. Thus, the prophet is speaking the words of God. The “true prophets were not simply men of political genius or wise thinkers with unusual insight into civic and world affairs” (Robert L. Reymond’s A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, p29).

818 Timberline

As we come to the end of yet another God-given month in the lives of A & E Maust, we’ve got some exciting news. This Saturday, April 29, will be signing the lease on our new apartment at Timberline Apartments here in Morgantown. This new place has lots of windows, clean colors, a pool right outside our door, and many other snazzy luxuries! We are very excited. Our new address is:

Drew & Emily Maust
818 Timberline
Morgantown, WV 26505

Also, last week Emily became the proud owner of a full-blown driver’s license. And, taking advantage of that license, she has just left this morning for a job interview at Mon General Hospital here in Morgantown. The position she is interviewing for requires going to peoples’ homes and providing care for them while they are at home. She was very nervous when she left here, and I’m not sure if that’s because this is the first time she is driving on her own without me in the car, or if it’s because of this interview. She will do bloomin’ awesome though at both! We’ll keep you posted on her job situation. Emily has one more interview this week at a different hospital in town. Please, Lord, let them give her a company vehicle!

Well, Emily has just called me to say that she has arrived safely at the hospital this morning. She then said “Ok, I’m going in.” Go, Peanut!

Furthermore, I am in the process of completing training at Home City Ice. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to be an ice delivery driver. I’ll truck around on the open roads of Morgantown, stopping at all the most elegant stops (Dairy Marts, Wal-Marts, Shop N’ Saves, & countless Mom & Pop shops). I will then proceed out of the cab of my truck, climb in the back freezer of the truck which is kept at a cool 25°F (-4°C), load up my dolly full of ice, and head into the depths of given store and stack ice in the most glorious fashion you’ve ever seen. Repeat 1000 times and you’ve got my summer!

Speaking of summer, Emily and I are very excited to welcome the ever-jovial Nigel, Georgina, Sally, & Hannah Hayes in the month of August to Morgantown! The exact date of their arrival is yet to be announced but I will keep you posted so that you might be able to be at the Pittsburgh International Airport the evening they arrive in order to get their autographs before they are whisked away in a limousine and driven to Morgantown.

That’s all for now.


April Fools

Happy Birthday, everyone! What? You say it’s not your birthday. Well, I thought you and I shared birthdays.

News, news, news: well, Emily and I were well pleased at the turn out on the 25th of March for our domestic celebration/rehearsal. I think we still have pictures on our digital camera that I need to get up on the website for everyone to see. In other news, Emily flies to England tomorrow (Sunday, April 2) to be a part of our good friends’ wedding, Laura & Dan.

Emily leaves tomorrow from Pittsburgh & will be gone for over a week until she returns, Lord willin’, next Monday. Unfortunately, I’ve got to stick around here in Morgantown and go to class, and try to act studious.

Since it’s my birthday, I would like to leave you with the Word of Today of my choosing: homoousios.

What else…yes, thank you everyone that travelled to be with us on March 25th to celebrate Emily’s being here. We had a wonderful time getting to see everyone. We trust it was a blast for everyone else as well.

U.S. Reception

Wow, it has been almost a month since our last update. We’ve been a little bit busy. Last week was WVU’s Spring Break and Emily and I went with the Baptist group here on campus, WVUMCM, down to Charleston, WV, for the week. We stayed at West Charleston Baptist Church and ministered alongside them to the homeless, hungry, and helpless. It was an eye-opening experience not in the sense that we saw people in conditions unimaginable but…

…it was eye-opening in seeing the amazing ministry that this church is doing in Charleston. That church is very much the hands and feet of Christ in that city, ministering in every and any way possible that they might win some. We had a wonderful week down there. You can go to the WVUMCM website and browse to the Picture Gallery where you will find pictures and several videos of us during the week.

Many people have been wondering and inquiring about Emily’s journey to a WV driver’s license. Well, as of about two weeks ago, Emily has her learner’s permit (you can find pictures of her with it and the car in the downloads section under pictures). She studied like crazy for the learner’s test, and it has paid off. One problem we are experiencing is that with the Learner’s Permit, Emily must be accompanied by someone 21 years of age and older, and I, unfortunately and until April 1, am only 20! So, for the large part, Emily hasn’t been able to do as much driving as she would like. The good news is that she will be able to go at the beginning of April to get her “proper” driver’s license (a license has to have the permit for 1 month).

What else is going on with us?! I’m glad you asked. My parents and church have planned a “domestic” reception and celebration for this Saturday, March 25, at Calvary Baptist Church starting at noon. A very short service in the sanctuary will be followed by a Powerpoint presentation by Emily, and then food and fellowship in the church hall. Everyone and anyone is invited to come celebrate with my family this Saturday at Calvary; and if you’re family, it’s obligatory!