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It Takes All Sorts

Like children not content with observing a newly installed, freshly painted, previously unslidden slide from afar, but who insist on running up full of expectation of experiencing something new with the whole living self, so, too, we realize it takes all sorts to make a world. To realize it takes all sorts to make a world, one […]

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In the Eyes of a Dog

I was reading some toilet-side material today…Now admit it: we all have it. I’ve always thought one can tell a lot about a person from their toilet-side reading. Some like National Geographic, some like People magazine, I even remember someone liking Readers Digest, most of us good Christian folk have the devotionals or the praying […]

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Wise Beyond Years

A friend of ours has written a series of books on how husbands can pray for their wives, how wives can pray for their husbands, and how parents can pray for their children. Surprisingly, our friend is unmarried and has no kids. When we found out that he had authored these books, we couldn’t resist discussing the […]

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