Ford Tauri

So, yeh, I came home from class today and was in the mood to listen to some dirty south hip-hop. So, I flip on the first Shoutcast rap station that popped up, and the guyz were rappin’ about nothing less than the very famous Ford Taurus! Well, you don’t know what a Ford Taurus is, you say? Well, yours truly just happens to be the owner of a 1995 Blue Ford Taurus (thanks to a very benevolent auntie and uncle of mine–props!). Anyways, here’s what the rapper Young Jeezy be sayin’ bout the phat Ford Taurus in his track My Hood:

Ford Taurus pull up everybody run
White boys jump out pointing wit they guns
Ford Taurus leave everybody came back
Hope dem boyz didn’t find my sack

I’m not sure exactly what “sack” is referring to, but it’s prolly some kind of illegal cannabis-centered drug if I had to take a guess. If it’s not, then I don’t wanna know what he’s talking about.

I didn’t realize these cars were so gangsta.

Afraid to Ask Questions

Journal entry dated September 11, 2003 and found on my old external hard drive.

Afraid to ask questions that have already been asked. But what if those questions haven’t been asked? Just like this question. The great minds of the past mustn’t of suppressed their thoughts, but inconsiderately asked every question. Someone, at some time, must have asked the questions that discovered the answers to the phenoms that are so pertinent to the functions of today. Stepping out on a limb that may break is a scary step. But how do we know the limb is solid unless someone precedeth out to it? Have we limited ourselves to not asking questions? Blind Americans, being robots in the cold–what a waste