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We’ve Moved

Whoever thinks that they can move all their stuff/junk in one day is supremely mistaken. Emily and I thought when my parents brought up a U-Haul, we could just chuck everything thing in there and that would be the end of it; but, since the U-Haul, we have made 3 more trips to the old apartment on Donley Street. Today, Tuesday May 2, we consider ourselves moved to our new, wonderful, clean, neutral, spacious, air-conditioned 818 Timberline apartment.

We checked our new mailbox for the first time yesterday and found a letter from HealthSouth addressed to Emily offering her a brand-spanking new, scrub-wearing job! It's looking like she'll start on or around May 15th. Other things we've received recently in our mailbox include a wedding invitation to celebrate the union of one Matthew Duane Maust to Christina Brie Ann Salyer. The "honor of [our] presence [was requested] on Saturday, the twentieth of May two thousand and six at eleven o'clock at Memorial Baptist Church in Beckley, West Virginia." That all translates to May 20th @ 11:00am. What fun that day shall entail for both families as we celebrate this magnanimous Caucasian occasion.

818 Timberline

As we come to the end of yet another God-given month in the lives of A & E Maust, we've got some exciting news.  This Saturday, April 29, will be signing the lease on our new apartment at Timberline Apartments here in Morgantown. This new place has lots of windows, clean colors, a pool right outside our door, and many other snazzy luxuries! We are very excited. Our new address is:

Drew & Emily Maust
818 Timberline
Morgantown, WV 26505

April Fools

Happy Birthday, everyone! What? You say it's not your birthday. Well, I thought you and I shared birthdays. Wink

News, news, news: well, Emily and I were well pleased at the turn out on the 25th of March for our domestic celebration/rehearsal. I think we still have pictures on our digital camera that I need to get up on the website for everyone to see. In other news, Emily flies to England tomorrow (Sunday, April 2) to be a part of our good friends' wedding, Laura & Dan.