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Green Card

Welcome to the United States! Praise the Lord the interview was a breeze!

I called Emily on her cell phone this morning (6:30am US/11:30am UK) just as she was leaving the Embassy, AND she got her visa!
She said it went just fine and they told her that she should have her
passport Thursday or Friday. After she gets her passport, she's
planning on getting the next flight out! Maybe she'll be here for the Super Bowl!

Ford Tauri

So, yeh, I came home from class today and was in the mood to listen to some dirty south hip-hop. So, I flip on the first Shoutcast rap station that popped up, and the guyz were rappin’ about nothing less than the very famous Ford Taurus! Well, you don’t know what a Ford Taurus is, […]

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Afraid to Ask Questions

Journal entry dated September 11, 2003 and found on my old external hard drive. Afraid to ask questions that have already been asked. But what if those questions haven’t been asked? Just like this question. The great minds of the past mustn’t of suppressed their thoughts, but inconsiderately asked every question. Someone, at some time, […]

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