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Peep Our New Photos

This news update is just to tell you that we've just added about 100 more photos to our photo gallery. After this weekend's wedding of my brother Matt and his new wife Christina, we had tons of photos to add from their celebration in Beckley. And, hotly sought after photos of Emily in her new work attire (aka Scrubs) have been posted so the world can see how cute she is as a little nursey poo.

Soo, click on Photo Gallery now!

U.S. Reception

Wow, it has been almost a month since our last update. We've been a little bit busy. Last week was WVU's Spring Break and Emily and I went with the Baptist group here on campus, WVUMCM, down to Charleston, WV, for the week. We stayed at West Charleston Baptist Church and ministered alongside them to the homeless, hungry, and helpless. It was an eye-opening experience not in the sense that we saw people in conditions unimaginable but…

Last Minute Trip: Southeastern Seminary

I (drew) had been meaning to email Dan Byrd (college minister at Marshall University) all week last week, and just never got around to it. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, just before my last class at 2:30, I emailed Dan and told him that I was interested in Southeastern Seminary and that I wondered if he would write one of my required personal recommendations (he said "yes"). Rather than emailling me back, though he gave me an immediate buzz on my cell phone, saying:

"Hey I'm getting ready to leave with a bunch of students from Marshall to go down and tour Southeastern; you and Emily should come along!"