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Lake Marstar & Town House Party

July fourth we went with some friends to Lake Gaston, NC. Big ups to Marla for the lake house! Yes, please. Yes, thank you! You can see videos of me jumping into tubes in the lake on the videos page as well as 80 some pictures in the photo gallery.


This past Monday, July 7th, was the first annual Town House Party. I debuted my wicked mixing skills by playing some banging house and electro tunes. I was hoping Emily would catch a video of me djing but I think she was too busy mingling and playing Wii. Oh well. You can still see some pictures from the shindig in the photo gallery.

Congratulations Jason & Suzie Webb!


I posted previously about our trip to Huntington, WV, over the weekend of May 23 to celebrate the wedding of our friends Jason and Suzie. Yesterday I finally found the time to resize, rename, and upload our pictures and two videos. There's a video of Emily on the Videos page praying at the opening of the service (you might need to turn up the volume quite a bite to hear her as I was seated in the back). Also, you can find around 140ish new pictures in our photo gallery of the rehearsal, shower, wedding, reception as well as a video of the bride's entrance.


Congratulation, Mr. & Mrs. Webb!


We tonight went to see our friend and co-worker Daniel's band Hadwynn play in an indie venue over in Carrboro near UNC's campus. Beforehand was a Jammin' Jamaican pizza from the pizza place next door to the club, duringhand was a rocking concert (video below) and afterhand was drive home. That's too many hands, but nonetheless, what fun.

Me, Daniel, Aaron