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Going Where I’ve Never Been Before

There is alot you can say about America but one thing’s for sure, they definitely know how to do Fall cooking. Photos have started popping up on Facebook, of friends children enjoying one of the main attractions of Fall in America. Pumpkin patches.  There is nothing like them.  They are such a strong American tradition […]

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Our Inaugural Thoughts

We have a new president. Emily said: “Aretha, you wear that hat girl!” “Aretha’s past her time.” Drew said: “Warren didn’t just invoke Jesus’ name, but in Arabic!” “I was expecting a rapper when she said ‘Yo-Yo Ma’.” “This arrangement of Simple Gifts is dirty.” Paul Edwards via Twitter said: “Michelle Obama is the new […]

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American Flag Retirement Ceremony

How is one supposed to properly dispose of an American flag? Can you just throw it in a dumpster? Sure you can, but here’s the correct way to put a worn out star-spangled banner to rest: “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be […]

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