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With what greater joy could I write to you than to tell you about three amazing freebies to be had here and right now? Hehe.

Check out these freebies:

  • PICTURES: Yeh, that's right, pictures. Sir Nigel D and myself have posted our pictures from the Hayes' Holiday here in and around Morgantown. Browse on over to the Photo Gallery and check out the first album entitled Hayes Holiday.
  • MUSIC: Yeh, that's right, music. The amazingly-talented, unique Christian artist Derek Webb has opted to give away his new album for absolute freeness. Point your web broswer to FreeDerekWebb.com and soon you'll be downloading his album Mockingbird in crystal clear 192kbps MP3! (Note: you have to share the news with 5 friends in order to download. If you're not much for giving other people's email addresses away, feel free to make up some. Anything @maustsontoast.com is an email address! Example: drew@maustsontoast.com. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it But, Derek Webb is so good, you'll actually want to share this with people like I am right now!). Be warned: he pulls no punches!

The Domesday Book

This news headline on the front page of the Wikipedia caught my attention: "An English translation of the Domesday Book, the 920-year-old census record of England under William the Conqueror, is presented online."


The da Vinci Code

I've been reading a borrowed copy of The Da Vinci Code.  Well, you
don't think I'd buy a copy and swell the author's coffers?  The story
is pacey and keeps you turning the pages, but the theology is so
suspect.  Not that one should ever be under the illusion that the book
is anything but fiction. The genre, style, literary techniques shout
out in every sentence that this is a contrived, self-conscious,
money-making work of, let's face it, "pulp" fiction.  This is not to
deny that, in it's own way, it is "a good read".  But we must not fall
into the trap of thinking that it is anything more than a "ripping"
yarn.  Mixing fact and fiction to give credibility to both is a
well-known if disreputable technique.  The Louvre museum exists.  Jesus
married Mary Magdalene.  Don't confuse the two.  One is true, the other
false, well, at the best, supposition.  The author is playing games,

Sunday, May 14th

Well, we now find ourselves in the middle of the month of May, and with an imminent update for Maustsontoast. This coming week is going to be full of fun, celebration and excitement. Emily starts her new job at HealthSouth (check out their webpage here). She will be a nurse technician working right beside nurses and doing their dirty work. And did I mention she gets to wear cute little scrubs like they do on E.R.? And while Emily is getting her nurse on at Health South, I will be… …delivering ice all over the state of West Virginia (and sometimes Maryland). This past week, I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; not a bad week at all. I get to drive this monstrous truck around town and throw ice into these cute little ice boxes at stores like Wal-Mart, Kroger, and gas stations and all kinds of little Mom an' Pop shops. You can check out Home City Ice's web page here.