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Two Years Ago Today

On January 31, 2006, I posted on MaustsOnToast with excitement after calling Emily in England to find out that she had completed her interview at the US Embassy in London and that her passport should arrive in the next couple of days.


On February 3, 2007, Emily posted on MaustsOnToast with a mixture of humor and gravitas about her first year living in America.


Today, February 2, 2008, I am writing in celebration of Emily's two year anniversary in America. Since she has immigrated we have moved twice and lived in three different apartments; I have graduated from college and started at seminary; she has started at nursing school; we've visited New York City, Lake Erie, Charleston SC and countless pohdunk towns.


Hopefully there will be a day when the holidays in our family don't revolve around immigration; but that we are from two separate places is a part of the make up of our little, two person family.


Thanks, Peanut! Mwa.

Green Card Expired

Don't worry. It's all been taken care of. Emily had to make an appearance in Charlotte today to have biometric testing done. When Emily immigrated in February 2006, her green card was good for two years because she had been admitted on a conditional basis because when she immigrated, we had been married less than two years. Phew! So, two years from the second anniversary of her immigration is the beginning of next month, meaning green card expired. But, don't freak out. This is normal. We just had to apply to get the conditions removed ($545!) and now, after today's biometric testing (finger prints + picture), she will be issued a ten (or maybe its fifteen) year green card. Nonetheless, my little resident alien is here to stay.


Emily’s Embassy Interview

OK, here's an account of the day of my visa interview at the London Embassy on January 31, 2006:

I set my alarm for 6.30am and left my house about 7.15, I met my next-door neighbour Ian at the station on his way to work so we sat on the train together and talked all the way to our destinations. I got off at Bond Street and realised I was an hour early to be able to go into the embassy so I thought I would make sure I knew where it was and how long it would take me to get there. I'd been to the embassy in 2003 so I recognised the way…