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In Huntington with Dress Drama

We're in Huntington, WV, now for our good friend Suzie's wedding later today. If you'll recall, this is where we first met. In fact, last night we drove past the house where we really first met at a luau party there the first week of school at Marshall back in August of 2003! The set of steps on the front porch where I first sat down to talk to Emily is till there, though I don't remember the neighorhood at the time being so sketchy. I guess I had far greater fish to fry than to be thinking urban gentrification. Anyways, the wedding's this afternoon at 4:00pm. We're planning on taking bunches of pictures and, of course, they'll be posted here with the myriad others.


On a more comical note, we left Beckley yestersday where we stayed at my parents' house. With Emily putting on the bridal, lingerie shower this morning for the bride, we've got the car packed down with goodies. Our foremost biggest fear was that we would forget something in Wake Forest. The second biggest fear was that we would forget something in Beckley on the second leg of the trip. Well, while what we feared most didn't come upon us, the secondary fear did. We (I say Emily, Emily says I) forgot in Beckley the dress she was planning to wear to the shower this morning. Oops.


My mom calls when we're just pulling into Huntington: "Houston, we've got a problem." Problem indeed. She said, "Don't worry I can probably find someone that's headed that way and can have it up to you by morning." Watch out UPS, Mom's on the prowl. Sure enough, she texted me about 30 minutes later saying she found someone from church that was headed up to Huntington in the morning for work and could take the dress with! Brilliant. It's almost 7:30am now so I've got to run out to a machine shop just outside of Huntington and pick up a frilly dress.


I made this for my pal, Dan Byrd at Marshall University for a special video project they were doing for Reformation Day (October 31). This is my Christmas present to everyone I didn’t get a present for.

Last Minute Trip: Southeastern Seminary

I (drew) had been meaning to email Dan Byrd (college minister at Marshall University) all week last week, and just never got around to it. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, just before my last class at 2:30, I emailed Dan and told him that I was interested in Southeastern Seminary and that I wondered if he would write one of my required personal recommendations (he said "yes"). Rather than emailling me back, though he gave me an immediate buzz on my cell phone, saying:

"Hey I'm getting ready to leave with a bunch of students from Marshall to go down and tour Southeastern; you and Emily should come along!"