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Missions is Too Important to Be Left to Professionals

Here’s a good word from MissionsMisunderstood.com: More often than not, “partnering in missions,” means small churches give what little money they think they can afford to a larger church or a missions sending agency that will handle mobilization, screening, indoctrination, training, sending, and maintenance of missionaries on the field. This is not “partnering,” it’s outsourcing. […]

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No Evil for You

There’s something snide about attempting to rebut a charge of incompatibility between God and evil with, “How do you know what evil is? You have no basis on which to call something evil, if you don’t believe in God.” Of course, the rebuttal is trying to show that a concept of evil and making moral […]

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Behind on My Birthday

Today’s my birthday, my twenty-fourth birthday: April Fool’s Day. I’ve done a few things in my twenty-four years of existence but when I compare myself to others before me, I fall short. Really short. When I pointed this out to my wife, she replied, “But did they know how to DJ?” If it’s either/or, I’ll […]

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