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Behold the Chicken of God

This week concluded week two of a francophone workshop for translation consultants in training. Brothers and sisters came from all over central Africa to participate and it’s been fun to work through translation issues together as a group. Yesterday, we discussed the appropriateness of translating John the Baptist’s exclamation “Behold the lamb of God” as […]

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Give It Up for Your Library

I’m in the process of downsizing my home library. I just donated twenty some books to my seminary’s library. Since the thought of ridding oneself of books will be appalling to almost all of my readers let me put you at ease by saying keep what books you like, but when the time comes to […]

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Passport Found

Mr. Maust, Your passport was found in a donation at the Sharing Shop. You found my what? I didn’t know it was lost! The above is an email I received tonight notifying me that my passport had been donated to (and found at) the seminary’s thrift store, the Sharing Shop. The first thing I thought […]

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