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Well, well, for anyone wondering, we have made it back safely from New York City and are back in Morgantown in our normal routines. We had a fabulous time in NYC, wearing ourselves out through running around that crazy city. Everyone said that it's impossible to see all the sites in one day. Well, we've proved them wrong! However, the thing is: you don't want to do all the sites in one day because you will be dog tired the next (as we were). So, go on, check out our many pictures from the trip in our photo gallery.

You may have also noticed MaustsOnToast has been rearranged. That was because the old system that was running the site turned out to be full of bugs and a major pain in my hind quarters. So, we've switched to a glorious new system called Drupal which should keep us happy for years to come.

Everyone that registered for an account on our old site will need to re-register on this one (if you want to that is). One main reason that I switched systems is you may have noticed that it wasn't letting non-logged-in people post comments or read our posts. And those are the main functions of our site besides our photo gallery. So, something had to be done. This new system seems a lot more stable than the previous so we shouldn't run into those same problems.

New York, New York

This weekend (Sep 29 – Oct 1), we're setting out for the Big Apple. Pourquoi? Parce que I've never been and I think it's a crying shame that Emily's been and I haven't. So we're going! Statue of Liberty, China Town, Brooklyn Bridge, Guggenheim, Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, the ghetto here we come! It's roughly a 7 hour drive Lord willin'. We'll leave tomorrow (Friday, September 29th) after we get around to it (aiming for 2ish) which should put us there just in time to see the skyline glow across the horizon. I also hear NYC's got the best pizza in the world; we'll have to see about that…

You’ve Been Accepted

I've been checking our mail everyday for the past several weeks hoping everyday to open up our little mailbox here at Timberline and find lying there an envelope yielding the logo of Southeastern Seminary. Yesterday was that day, and as you can probably guess from the title of this post, I've been accepted! Well, on a conditional basis that I first graduate from WVU. So, all I have to do is kick one more semester of WVU flat in the teeth and we'll be off to Wake Forest to engage in philosophical and theological anti-pelagian pauline polemics! Bam! That's exciting, and we're excited about getting an "upgrade." What means this? Well, we really feel like it will be an upgrade to move to North Carolina and carry on to the next stage of our lives: Emily back to nursing school. Me to seminary. And who knows except God alone what that future holds?! I wonder how much upcoming excitement he sees in our lives. That we may always love his command. =) 

U.S. Reception

Wow, it has been almost a month since our last update. We've been a little bit busy. Last week was WVU's Spring Break and Emily and I went with the Baptist group here on campus, WVUMCM, down to Charleston, WV, for the week. We stayed at West Charleston Baptist Church and ministered alongside them to the homeless, hungry, and helpless. It was an eye-opening experience not in the sense that we saw people in conditions unimaginable but…