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I’m the Featured Image, Fool

[Insert vain post here] If you go to my alma mater’s web site, WVU.edu, you’ll see yours truly as the featured image. It’s just a shame that I graduated last December and they’re using me for this December. Nonetheless, I’ll take it!

Now Featuring: Me

Wow, this has been a fantastic week. And to top it all off my brother Matt messaged me to check out my alma mater's web site, WVU.edu. Thinking it would be like checking out WVU's web site any other time, I punched it in. One small difference from most times though: I'm on the frontpage! It looks like I'm the featured picture this week along with a girl that I graduated with last December. We had the same major and several classes together.

Congratulations Miss Mountaineer

We want to say a big well done to our good friend Sarah Erwin who was just recently crowned Miss Mountaineer of West Virginia University. Sarah is a wonderful person and must have won the votes hands down! She is the most bubbly person I have ever met and puts a smile on the grumpiest of strangers. I remember when I worked at the rehab hospital in Morgantown and would bump into her as she was doing her student training as an occupational therapist, she would always cheer my day up for the few minutes we said hello.

So….congratulations Sarah you totally deserved becoming Miss Mountaineer, we love you. Emily and Drew Smile

Congratulations to my Graduate

He’s finally made it. Today Drew made the walk to commemorate three and a half years of hard work. He looked dashing in the long robe and funny hat with a white tassel representing the college of Arts and Sciences. He also adorned 3 pins that marked his achievement of being on the Dean’s list 3 times. AND he graduated summa cum laude (with highest praise)…. where does it end!! He’s just too much for me, but I am very proud of him. Congratulations Drew, here’s to another 4 years of the same success!!