Why MaustsOnToast?

Q: Why the name MaustsOnToast for your website?

A: Well, it does seem a bit random doesn’t it? When Emily and I were contemplating web site names, we had a hard time trying to come up with something that would represent us well, while at the same time being easily remembered and easily spelled. I’m not quite sure if we’ve succeeded, but nonetheless we are currently parked online at MaustsOnToast.com. So why MaustsOnToasts.com then?

Right, well, in the place where Emily comes from (England) where they talk differently than where I come from (USA), they eat beans on toast. Yes, you take baked beans, heat them up and pour them over toast. And then you eat it, and it’s oh so yummy. I really enjoy it. Not quite as much as Bombay Balti on Toast…but you don’t always have the canned taste of India on hand, so you go for beans. And it is yummy. Try it at home tonight with your family. So, where was I? Yeh, our domain name.

Well, so Emily and I got married and we now have the same surname: Maust. Thus we are Mausts. And since Emily is from England, we have to represent our roots. Sooooooo….we are Mausts On Toast because we are three Mausts and it’s a play on the English cuisine beans on toast. Voila! It’s kind of a cute name, isn’t it? Yeh, you know it is. Go on and chuckle now.