Let the One Who Will Be Raised Be Given for Them

I wrote this some time ago and just now decided to publish it. I’ve been making corrections since publishing which means I should have read carefully before publishing. In fact, I’m adding these introductory lines after publishing! Oops. Let me know if it strikes a chord. Let me know if I’m heretical, ’cause that’s one thing I’m not interested in.


In heaven a mighty council convened
seeking one capable of humans redeem.

Approaching the throne, asking each one,
“Send I, I can get the job done.”

“Yes, you, I am able to raise
for it’s by my Spirit and to garner my praise.

“You, however, are unable to bear
the sins of the many and the wrath poured out there.

“There is none other who can open the scroll
than my Son incarnate, Messiah foretold.

“The task is one of putting to death
so that through death the many may resurrect.

“Let the One who is perfect be given for all;
a remedy applied, a consequence of the fall.

“Let the One who will be raised be given for them;
lest they die in vain a propitiation for sin.

“Let the One who will be raised die for them;
Zimri approached but burning with sin.
‘Atone for your own’ is where he was told to begin:
impotent in guilt, impotent others to win.

“The One for the many is where he was told to begin:
bearing the burden without, shielding the elect within.

“Let the One who is perfect be given for them,
a matchless sacrifice presented to make many his kin.”

Therefore let the One capable be given for us
not that we can demand or imply that God must
but he has created us modeled after his being
thus it pleases him us to be freeing.