Maust Family Arrested In Pennsylvania

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Not quite, but almost.

You may remember me mentioning that my parents were in the process of moving. Well, last week the movers came and packed ’em up and they made the move. Everything was going smoothly until the wee hours of their first night in their new house. My mom emailed the story:

There was just one minor glitch the first night we slept here–two state troopers showed up and banged on the front door at 2:30 am. A neighbor, not knowing the house had been sold, saw a light on, got concerned and called them.  My first thought was that the tractor trailer containing all our worldly possessions had crashed and burned on the interstate!! But alas, everything was fine–the truck showed up bright and early that morning and by 6 pm everything was unloaded. The movers even unpacked quite a bit and took the boxes with them. It was great!

That’s what I love about my mom: she can go from nearly being arrested to being tickled that the movers took the empty boxes with them! Luckily, they were not arrested nor did they have a bunch of empty boxes to trip over when coming down the stairs at 2:30am. But that was only the first night so who knows what kinds of mischief they’ve been up to since then!

(Just to clarify: no Mausts were actually arrested…that my mom told me of.)


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