First Fourth of July

For Poppy’s first Fourth of July we decided to go exploring with our new little, week-old gal. During the beautiful 90F heat we headed out to Falls Lake, only about a 15 minute drive from Wake Forest. Swimmers and beach bums flooded the beach as the day went on. Only 10 or so minutes into our own beach lounging our umbrella got gangled by the wind. We then moved under some shade trees to relax for the rest of the afternoon where we napped, took photos, and entertained Poppy as much as she would let us.

About the time we got hungry we headed home to search the cupboards. We were home only long enough to get geared up to set out on the next leg of our Fourth of July journey: The North Carolina Symphony’s free Independence Day concert at the outdoor Booth Amphitheater in Cary (about a 40 min drive west of where we live). We saw online that this concert year after year is acclaimed the best free thing in the area to do on the Fourth. Even better, as the last note of the symphony was sounding, the fireworks began! Check out the two videos below. All in all it was a tiring but exciting day of exploring new things we our new Poppy.

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  1. Emily Kristen   •  

    Hey, so I hope you enjoyed your fourth of July weekend, even though we missed you guys!!

    Come visit us sometime; I’m really anxious to see little Poppy!

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