Regrettably, last Sunday Emily had to work. Knowing that she likes to hear of Poppy and me doing things while she works (instead of just sitting at home)–seriously!–we ventured out to nearby Joyner Park where the wonderful Town of Wake Forest was offering one more in its series of summer Sunday concerts. This particular Sunday’s concert featured bluegrass group The Rye Mountain Boys. For most of the show Poppy sat in her new umbrella stroller. The concert started just before she woke up from her afternoon nap, so I packed up Poppy’s lunch and we set up camp on the grass to eat, sunbathe and take in the guitar and fiddle music. We had a great time and Poppy, as she often does, quickly made friends.

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  1. Stephanie   •  

    Some friends and I were planning to go to that! We ended up not braving the heat and humidity though, and just hanging out at their house.

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