Next Friday we leave Wake Forest and head down to Orlando for a two week orientation at Wycliffe Bible Translators’ USA headquarters. I thought now woud be a good time to make a static page on our site providing information about our plans with Wycliffe. You can check this page out by clicking the Wycliffe link at the top.

We look forward to hearing the thoughts, reactions, and questions from our MaustsOnToast faithful. Let us know what you think!

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Greetings from central Africa where we’re helping local translators translate the Bible into their language for the first time. Why? Because as one translator put it, the word of God in the mother tongue is a “miracle.See answers to other frequently asked questions.

We are currently trusting God for additional partners in our Wycliffe ministry so that we can continue providing essential translation assistance to national translators. You can get involved by giving financially and subscribing to our newsletter.

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