Henry with sparkler

The Moon

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A poem by Henry Maust

The moon, the moon,
a simple sphere
sitting beyond our atmosphere.

Gleaming, glowing,
sharing its light,
it guides me through the longing night.

The moon is like an ice cream scoop,
but when the sun comes out to play,
this scrumptious scoop fades away.

How silky smooth its silver blanket
that covers up the darkest secrets.


4 responses to “The Moon”

  1. Nigel Hayes Avatar
    Nigel Hayes

    Moving and thought provoking.

  2. Memaw Avatar

    That’s beautiful Henry. I’ve always loved the moon.

  3. Duane Avatar

    Lovely Henry! I love the moon, yesterday it appeared full moon like in the day showed itself all night, shining very bright! I had to wonder how it felt to be on the mountain!

  4. Matt Avatar

    I really like the poem!

    I thought the comparison to a scoop of ice cream was very clever!