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Behind on My Birthday

Today’s my birthday, my twenty-fourth birthday: April Fool’s Day. I’ve done a few things in my twenty-four years of existence but when I compare myself to others before me, I fall short. Really short. When I pointed this out to my wife, she replied, “But did they know how to DJ?” If it’s either/or, I’ll […]

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Spring Break Tension

I’m on spring break this week and as fate would have it Emily’s on spring break next week. It’s thrilling to think what all I could do while on a week-long fast from class, but basically it comes down to a careful tension between doing something or doing nothing. Should I take this opporunity to […]

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Sour Cream like Ice Cream

20610205532068520565 I overhear some of the most random conversations at work. Observe: Lady [concerning teenage daughter seated at table]: She eats sour cream like ice cream. Gal [to the daughter]: You should move to Mexico. Wouldn’t have been my first reply. “You shouldn’t do that.” “Have you tried eating ice cream like ice cream?” Anyways, […]

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