Daddy Dance Party

Some Daddies like to watch football, some Daddies like to watch basketball or baseball, some Daddies even like to go fishing.  But this Daddy likes to dj!  I know for sure that if Drew didn’t feel called by God to aide in giving God’s word to remote people groups who don’t yet have it in the language they grew up speaking, then he would be trying to make it as a DJ.  LOL.  So you can imagine that there are days when Drew will bust out his decks and turn our house into his very own club, minus the large amounts of drunk 20-somethings and disco lights.   Yesterday was one of those days so I had to record the event.  It was a tame party and I couldn’t get Poppy to come downstairs and dance like she normally does but the next post will explain why! Teehee.  Here is DJ Daddy doing his thing with the bass pumping through to the neighbors who live behind.


  1. Rhea   •  

    Rock that low f-stop, Emily!

  2. Rhea   •  

    P.S., I love that this reminds me of the regular music in our house 🙂

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