Poppy’s British Easter Tradition

When I grew up we didn’t get Easter baskets with toys and random goodies inside.  We cut to the chase and just got a whole bunch of chocolate!!  No one does Easter eggs like Britain does!  And I miss it so much.  But thankfully Aunty Han Han (my sister) did her Aunty duty and sent Poppy a Cadbury’s Buttons egg.  We held out for a few days until yesterday when we let Poppy devour the whole thing!!!  LOL.  Well not quite, she had a few mouthfuls and then we put the rest in the fridge for another day.  But I did get some photos.

Digging in

Poppy??? Is it yummy?

YESSSSS...its so yummy!!!

Can Daddy have some?

She loves her Daddy

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  1. Granny   •  

    Yum, chocolate. From Poppy’s expressions you can tell she’s really enjoying the chocolate experience.

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