Pins and Waxprints

Out here one must get creative to de-stress. I literally got creative and picked up a hobby I had been interested in over many years. With all the African waxprint fabric at my disposal, sewing quickly became something into which I could immerse myself. I then realised there was a whole sewing community out there. […]

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Sew Emily

I first began sewing at age 11. That’s when I took to my first sewing project. Today I’m moving forward. I find myself in the perfect location, surrounded by endless vibrant, dramatic prints. Sewing is calling out to me. After the fun experience of Bama Meets Britain, I’ve decided that video logs are my favourite form of […]

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Mango Season

It’s the magical fifth season, that special time of year when trees droop their juicy fruit. Episode 12 of Bama Meets Britain proves that no matter how you slice it mango season is the most wonderful time of year. Continue the conversation on our Facebook page.