‘Tis the Season to Sew


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This Christmas is going to be extra special for us as we travel to visit my older sister and her family.  My parents, younger sister and her fam will meet us there.  All nine cousins will be in the same place at the same time for the first time ever.  I couldn’t let the occasion pass without attempting some kind of big heartfelt sewing project.  So I made every single one of them a Christmas stocking.  I have grand hopes of lining the cousins up, oldest to youngest and taking their photo with their stocking.  A keepsake marking a very sweet time of Christmas festivities surrounded by young ones and babies.  We won’t get this time back.  The oldest is 14 and the youngest will be 6 months.  Below is a short video I made for my new vlog concerning all things needle and thread.  Subscribe to Sew Emily on YouTube if you don’t want to miss future videos.


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