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Sew Emily

I first began sewing at age 11. That’s when I took to my first sewing project. Today I’m moving forward. I find myself in the perfect location, surrounded by endless vibrant, dramatic prints. Sewing is calling out to me. After the fun experience of Bama Meets Britain, I’ve decided that video logs are my favourite form of […]

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Minus the Buttonholes

So you may remember back in February that I blogged about my exciting little project to make Poppy a summer dress from scratch.  I’m shocked that I began the project back in February, but partly wanna say “I told you so” because I knew from start to finish the project wouldn’t be a quick one. […]

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Button Holes and All

This past week I have had the urge to start a project and create something.  I like sewing so I thought that was a possibility but then I remembered that I had sent my sewing machine back to England with my mother.  Our (mine and my mother’s) thinking was that come December when we move […]

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