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So you may remember back in February that I blogged about my exciting little project to make Poppy a summer dress from scratch.  I’m shocked that I began the project back in February, but partly wanna say “I told you so” because I knew from start to finish the project wouldn’t be a quick one.  In my defense the dress was finished several months ago but it was too cold to take Poppy out to model for me.  Then by the time it was warm enough it took me a while to get my act together…..then the camera was put back on the kitchen table and sat there for a while……then by the time the photos made it on to the computer they got a bit mislaid.  So FINALLY here I am.

So how did it go?  Well it started off pretty good.  Using the pattern was simple and cutting it out went fine.  Hemming it got a bit troublesome at times but I persevered.  Then it came to those darn buttonholes and the process came to a sudden smack-me-in-the-face halt.  I ended up using poppers and hiding them behind the button.  Lets just say the dress isn’t 100% practical but at least it stays up and looks pretty haha!  I need some more practice and the wisdom of my mother.  p.s – I’m aware that it looks too big for Poppy.

Here it is.

4 responses to “Minus the Buttonholes”

  1. jean bollinger Avatar
    jean bollinger

    Beautiful pictures!! I love that the front of the dress almost looks like a sunflower — bright and yellow for a happy, beautiful girl!

    1. Emily Avatar

      Thank you Jean that was a really sweet comment.

      1. Georgina Hayes Avatar
        Georgina Hayes

        She looks as sweet and pretty as ever especially peeping between the trees.
        The dress looks pretty, colourful and simple. I’m sure the weather in Texas will be hot enough for her to wear it as much as she wants.

  2. Christine Maust Avatar
    Christine Maust

    Emily! That turned out really cute!! I’m impressed. Love the embelishment on the front. Buttonholes aren’t that difficult if your machine has a setting for them, it does everything for you. If it doesn’t have the setting that might be a different story. With that little model, who needs buttonholes anyway??


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