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Twirly Whirly Poppy

For a while now Poppy has loved spinning.  She doesn’t go around and around continuously, she just does one nice and clean twirl on the spot.  She has actually gotten quite good at keeping her balance and stopping without tumbling.  She now incorporates the ballerina arms above her head, so it’s even sweeter. Well, a […]

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Minus the Buttonholes

So you may remember back in February that I blogged about my exciting little project to make Poppy a summer dress from scratch.  I’m shocked that I began the project back in February, but partly wanna say “I told you so” because I knew from start to finish the project wouldn’t be a quick one. […]

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Half Dressed Monkey

This is usually how Poppy’s morning goes.  She wakes up at 7am, eats breakfast and plays until 9am then takes a nap until roughly 11am, then gets dressed.  Well this morning after her nap I started getting her dressed and she was all fidgety and fussing, so I sat her on the floor to talk […]

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