Twirly Whirly Poppy

For a while now Poppy has loved spinning.  She doesn’t go around and around continuously, she just does one nice and clean twirl on the spot.  She has actually gotten quite good at keeping her balance and stopping without tumbling.  She now incorporates the ballerina arms above her head, so it’s even sweeter.

Well, a couple of weeks ago she started insisting that she ONLY wear skirts or dresses that flare out when she twirls.  And you better believe she knows exactly which skirts and dresses those are.  Multiple times I have brought out super cute outfits–dresses, nonetheless–and she has outright refused them and gone to pick out her own outfit saying “no, that one doesn’t spin properly”.  I should be happy that she’s getting herself dressed and expressing her individualism but she’s missing out on some super cute spring dresses! When I think about it, she hasn’t worn jeans for about a month now and will only wear leggings if she has a skirt or dress over the top.  I’m sure it’s just a phase and I’m hoping the novelty will wear off soon and she’ll be back to wearing whatever I pick out. 😉

Sorry for the blurriness