Lily of the Valley

According to centuries old tradition, muguet, or Lily of the Valley, is gifted on May Day in France, the sole day where anyone can sell bunches of the fragrant flower without permit or collection of tax. Self-proclaimed vendors appear in the streets offering sprigs of muguet to passersby. A smile and 2€ landed a participant a fistful of flowers in our little town. The bunch can then be offered to a friend or loved one as a token of good luck.


  1. Jesse and Karen   •  

    Hey there Drew, enjoy your post and the many photos you and Emily post. It helps us watch your family grow, and keeps us updated to the life your experiencing. I really enjoyed hearing of your Switzerland trip, a place I (Karen) have dreamed of going for many years (30 to be exact). Thank you so much. Oh and Pap really enjoys your newsletters, I was there one day when he got the mail, and when he seen who it was from, he stopped everything took his coffee and two cookies (sugar free) and went to “his chair” to read it right away. Thanks for making him smile, he told me the other day, “he believes he might be getting older” lol.

    Hey what is your address for “SNAIL MAIL”? Love you guys and miss you all greatly. Love Karen

    • Drew   •  

      Awww…I loved reading about how Pap reads our newsletters! Thanks for sharing that with us.

      I emailed you our snail mail address. Does this mean we can expect something edible in the mail!?!

  2. Laura Bray   •  

    Lily of the Valley is one of my FAVORITE flowers!

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