Half Dressed Monkey

This is usually how Poppy’s morning goes.  She wakes up at 7am, eats breakfast and plays until 9am then takes a nap until roughly 11am, then gets dressed.  Well this morning after her nap I started getting her dressed and she was all fidgety and fussing, so I sat her on the floor to talk to Drew and then proceeded to put on her trousers and dress while she was sitting on the floor.  She was all over the place and I successfully got her trousers on but the dress only made it over her head before she was wiggling and stretching to get away.  She found the bars on her changer and was pulling herself up onto her knees, so I ran to get the camera.  She’ll be exactly 8 months tomorrow.


  1. Matt   •  

    Her hair seems like it is getting lighter. Am I just seeing things? It almost seems slightly red or blonde.

  2. emily   •     Author

    You’re just seeing things, ha! No yea it is getting lighter and lighter and yes I do believe it looks a little reddish when it catches the light. She has the same color hair as I did before I started dying it. I’m expecting it to get really light in the summer. She could have blue hair though and still look amazingly cute! Heehee, don’t you agree Matt?

  3. Granny G   •  

    She always brings a smile to my face. She looks so cute whatever she’s wearing or 1/2 wearing! She seems eager to explore. It won’t be long before she’s pulling herself to standing. Does she have anymore teeth os did she stop at 2 for the time being?

  4. emily   •     Author

    She still only has the 2 teeth but she seems to be drooling alot and chewing on anything she can get her hands on.

  5. Sally   •  

    Oooo I just wann a pick her up and swing her round in circles, she is soooo gorgeous. I love her little outfit and its so cute that its half on. She looks like superbaby in a little cloak. Love her!

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