Sew Emily

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I first began sewing at age 11. That’s when I took to my first sewing project. Today I’m moving forward. I find myself in the perfect location, surrounded by endless vibrant, dramatic prints. Sewing is calling out to me.

After the fun experience of Bama Meets Britain, I’ve decided that video logs are my favourite form of social media. While it’s true that a photo speaks a thousand words, a video speaks even louder.

I’ve felt like I wanted to join a sewing community, to get involved. So, here I go—Sew Emily—talking weekly about my sewing and crafting projects. I’ll show you what I’ve made and how I’ve made it. I’ll reveal my struggles and what I learnt from them. And, I’ll be showing plenty of wax print fabric along the way.

If you are interested in crafts or sewing, join me as I start at the beginning, as I juggle life with twins and littles, as I dream daring dreams of filling my wardrobe with me-made originals. It’ll be fun.

Now for the first installment—”The Seamstress Tag.”