Life in Cameroon

Here’s a video done by a Wycliffe family who currently live in Yaounde, Cameroon, describing what their daily lives are like. Watching this excites us very much as we look forward to joining the work very soon. It truly does take a team to translate the Bible, from African translators to linguists to publishers to financial supporters to computer programmers to local churches (here and there). How would God have you be a part of bringing his word to others for the first time in their own language?

Equally interesting is their recent blog post about twenty lessons they have learned since living in Cameroon. For example, “It’s possible to live with a denser mix of uncertainty and danger in life.”



  1. Carrie   •  

    Wow, that was cool! My knowledge of Cameroon is pretty limited. Are you getting excited? How’s the pregnancy going?

    • Emily   •  

      Excited?? YEA!!! What an adventure!! I’m looking forward to reading by candlelight and discovering how many ways to cook beans and rice! (It sounds like I’m being sarcastic but I’m not even joking). I can’t wait for this life experience!!

      Pregnancy is going great, I still wouldn’t even know I was pregnant if I didn’t feel him moving and wasn’t gaining a watermelon under my shirt. I had a check up today and I’m measuring 23 weeks, I’ve gained good weight, and the doc found the heart beat instantly so I was happy. How is your going????

  2. David   •  

    Thank you for linking to our blog and I’m glad the video excited you! We will be following your blog as you finish up your PD and look forward to meeting you in Cameroon!

  3. Bethany   •  

    Wow guys this is so exciting! Thanks for sharing this

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