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Eww What’s That Smell

Emily comes down the stairs one morning, "It kinda smells like B.O. down here. Is that you?"

I didn't smell a thing which means it was either me or Emily just has a finer acuteness (she is cute) when it comes to matters olfactory. This was about a week ago. Then one day I started smelling something. "You know, baby, you might just be right about a funky smell lurking downstairs." "I told you" with a smug look on her face. Every day for the past week the smell increased in unloveliness while also evading our discovery. In the closet? Nope. In the utility closet with the water heater? Nope. Under the sink? Nope. What about the garbage disposal? We poured a bottle of cleaner down it with hot water running. Still the funk was rising. Friday night some friends came over for fish sandwiches and to watch Enchanted. "Do you y'all smell something?" "Yeh, somethinig funky is lurking" was the consensus. It's generally not a good idea to have funk lurking in your house when having guests over, though the smell of fish sandwiches was tough competition for the funk. Finally, Saturday evening after coming home from work, we did mounted a full-blown search. Nothing could prepare us for what happened next. Sitting in the microwave was a dish of week-old cooked and forgotten about broccoli and cauliflower. One night last week I had popped some frozen veggies into the microwave while I was preparing the rest of dinner. Forgotten. When I opened the microwave, we knew right away that that was the smell. We had found the funk. Moral of the story? Eat your veggies.

Ice Cream Social

Last night we had an ice cream social with several invited guests as a pre-celebratory party for my birthday coming up on April 1st. We ate ice cream, played Taboo, burned phone book pages in the fire pit, ate hot sausages ("with chicken"), played chubby bunnies (not cool), drank Pepsi Max and I unwrapped my early present: a Hercules MK2 DJ console (yes!). Thanks to everyone who attended! Maybe the next shindig we do will be a late night house party, and by house party I do mean me throwing down the house music with my Hercules. I uploaded some pictures of the party to the gallery earlier today. I think we'll be going out to Pizza Hut on my birthday thanks to Justin who sent me a gift card! One stuffed crust supreme pizza coming right up please.

14 December, Friday – Tea, Lounging, Loughton and Thrift Stores

Day one of our Christmas 2007 vacation in Theydon Bois started yesterday. Seeing as we hadn't gone to bed Tuesday night, but stayed up all night and got dropped off at the airport at 3:30am Wednesday morning by our good friend Geth, and traveled all day and finally arrived at Emily's parents' house Thursday just a hair past midnight…seeing as all that happened Wednesday, we slept in yesterday until about 2:00pm, which really turns out to be about a 12 hour snooze. Praise the Lord…that felt good. Unfortunately, we weren't adjusting to the time change by waking up so late, but Thursday night, after a scrumptious pork roast courtesy of Sir Nigel D, we headed out to E15's production of Beauty and the Beast. What a hoot that was. Singing and dancing and comedy and a beast. Great time.


Getting home last night we lounged around drinking our third quotidian cup of tea and watching the TV. Unable to sleep for the time change, we stayed up last night reading our respective books. Me: Aristotle's Children. Emily: When Crickets Cry. Still unable to sleep, we watched Donnie Darko (what a messed up/freaky movie that is in no way endorsed or recommended by this post or the author hereof). After that, sleep.


We woke up this morning to cups of tea and bagels; thanks, Nigel! After primping and showers, we headed off to Loughton (a couple little towns away) and got to shopping, or getting Christmas cheer as my dad likes to put it. =) We slipped into our usual stores and charity shops (thirft stores smell the same wordwide!), finding a couple of books and a blouse/top, as well as a bottle of Ribena, a Mars bar and a Kinder Bueno. Yummy; but this appetizer was no match for the lasagne waiting at home for us. We're also adulatory to report that the white VW Polo has been resurrected for a bazillionth time; good work, Simon. Think we had a calm evening after dinner? Think again: the Seaman's stopped by for drinks, cakes, giggles and pictures…approximately in that order. Check out neonatal pictures of that foray in the picture gallery.


We're now in bed. Emily's sleeping and I'm telling you what we've been up to. What are we doing tomorrow you ask? You'll have to check this space for that info, shawty. =)


Does Dr. Pepper Actually Taste Like Pepper?

I've been drinking a lot of Dr. Pepper lately. And every now and then I get the aftertaste of pepper. I sought confirmation from my right-hand woman only to be scoffed at. I asked one other only to get the same response. People don't seem to take the question seriously, Does Dr. Pepper actually taste like pepper (at least sometimes)? I say yes. But only sometimes. It's fleeting. You have to catch the pepper taste before it escapes. Ingenious.