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Fall is For Fun

What if I told you that I was eatin' beans on toast right now? You'd think it a crazy coincidence that you're on a website called MaustsOnToast and some guy's talking about eatin' beans on toast. You can infer from the fact that I'm eating beans on toast that I'm home alone tonight while Emily's at class; otherwise we'd be having corn on the cob, french fries, and hot wings.


It's been a while since either one of us Mausts on toast have written anything on here, so let me go ahead and say that we've booked flights to come to England for Christmas and New Years. We're scheduled to leave December, 12th @ 6:00am Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. We're hoping there'll be happy Hayes's there to greet us later that evening. Can you believe the airport was gonna charge $120 to park long-term while we're gone!? We've got some friends lined up to take us. What friends they are, let me tell you: we've got to be at the airport at 4am, which means leaving our place at about 3:30am! It's a shame we couldn't leave sooner but I've got my last final exam that Tuesday night before we fly on Wednesday, the 12th. Anyways, you Angles, Jutes, Picts, and Saxons better get ready for MaustsOnTour. We need a vacation!


In other news, I've added a melange of autumnal pictures (pumpking carving, Celtic Woman, and a squirrel!) to the Photo Gallery in addition to pictures from my cousin Greg's wedding in Ohio on September 22nd.

Giving Thanks for the Can

Ever stop to give thanks for random things? After stopping in at Walmart on this 95 degree day (35C), the Coke machine outside beckoned us to draw nigh. Peanut hopped out the car and got the 12oz can of cola delight. We noticed right away that Coke has reverted back to an old fashioned style can. Rather than having a can that sports fake condensation and radical swirls, Coke has opted for a simple, classic red and white logo. We liked the move and looked for a Customer Service phone number on the can. Did we call them?


Box o’ Prawn Cocktail Crisps

We were beyond elated to find a box waiting on our stoop when we came home one afternoon earlier this week. Were we expecting a box? Emily and I couldn't think of anything that we had ordered from Amazon or eBay that we should be expecting. The fun of getting a box was fun enough, but when we opened it, we found neatly nestled within the nectar of the gods. That's right: six stunningly savory sachets of Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps.

Fashion Show a Fashion Hit

Friday evening at 7:00PM there wasn't a more posh place to be in Wake Forest than The Olde English Tea Room . RSVPed guests were seated at tables adorned with fine china (gold and platinum) and then admired dressed-up cats walking down the cat walk. Of course we're talking about the first ever Olde English Tea Room Fashion Show, the brain child of my Emily Clare. The show consisted of four sets: Formal, Vintage, Garden Party and Wedding; and was themed Fifty Years of Fashion, featuring the dress of yesteryear in all the above categories.