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En Angleterre – Parks and Recreation (Part 2)

Well, what do you think we did the first full day back in the UK? Headed over to Olivia’s house for a cuddle, that’s what! Chez Olivia, we found not just a cuddle buddy, but a reading buddy: the ever popular Uncle Simon. He’s not just any ordinary uncle, he’s magnetic. Our kids have always […]

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Botanic Garden

We really couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for our walk around the (free!) Botanic Garden over in Ft. Worth. There was no blazing, blinding Texan sun or sky full of clouds, only a pleasantly breezy autumnal afternoon. Truly a photographer’s dream! When we arrived, not one but two latina gals were having Quinceañera pictures taken (see the first […]

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Picnic at the Arbortreetum

Last night Poppy busted out her infamous refrain, “What do now, Granny?!” Well, Granny was armed with a premeditated quick response because the very next day we were going to an arboretum–that very next day was today. I told Poppy that at the arboretum we should expect lots of fun and exciting things like butterflies, […]

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