En Angleterre – Parks and Recreation (Part 2)

Well, what do you think we did the first full day back in the UK? Headed over to Olivia’s house for a cuddle, that’s what! Chez Olivia, we found not just a cuddle buddy, but a reading buddy: the ever popular Uncle Simon. He’s not just any ordinary uncle, he’s magnetic. Our kids have always sought out Uncle Simon’s cuddles. Simon enters the room, sits down, and the kiddos flock to him. Henry approached Simon simply to rest his head on his knee. Maybe that’s where the magnet is…?

When Olivia headed downtown to get her passport, it was off to the park for a bit of recreation for us. Emily and I laugh that no matter where we go as a family the kids really don’t care where they are–whether it’s Paris, Geneva or London–as long as there is a park, they’re happy. Sightseeing and kids don’t mix. That’s why on this trip to England we didn’t even attempt to head into central London to see some of the famous sites. Kids don’t do sightseeing. They do parks. And as dutiful parents, we do parks, too. In fact, you might just consider me a moustache-less Ron Swanson.

While our day would have been complete after these two essential tasks (cuddles and the park), one does have to eat. And when in England, does as the Romans English. Upon the recommendation of friends we headed to a little cafe in town for brunch. Once inside, one look at the menu foretold that my palate would be pleased: low prices, traditional dishes, and the smell of grease in the air. I felt constrained to order what’s known as the Full English. I mean a moustache-less Ron Swanson can’t pass up a meal with two meats. Look at that smile on my face. Then look at the second picture to see what all was on my plate. Not bad for a fiver!

Granny and Emily had a good chinwag. At one point, Emily’s sausage was in danger (not a metaphor).


  1. Granny G   •  

    I like it. Happy memories.

  2. Emily   •  

    Loved this Drew! Thank you!

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