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20 Fascinating Language Facts

Whether it’s spoken, written, or signed, all people communicate. Here are twenty fascinating facts about human language culled from the inaugural edition of the new academic journal, the Journal of Language Evolution. Only spoken and signed languages have native speakers although whistled and drummed languages exist–communicating messages by whistling and drumming, respectively. All known whistled and drummed languages […]

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An Arm and a Leg

Several weeks ago while playing volleyball (bump, set, spike) with colleagues and translators-in-training, I stubbed my toe on a rock poking up out of the sand. The resulting scrape opened up a small “bleed” as Poppy calls them. After everyone had finished basking in the glory of the tremendous spike I just threw down (that […]

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I Find You in the Mystery

I’m debating. Should this be my last post in this series of honest posts? Should I close here on a Friday. This may be a good time to step away and feel resolve. It seems apt to remember the words of William Cameron Townsend, the founder of Wycliffe. He said, “The greatest missionary is the Bible […]

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