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Most Sentences in the Bible Begin with And

Stephen Hawking touches on a surprising topic in his autobiography My Brief History: Biblical Hebrew’s waw-consecutive. The blog Parchment and Pen sets up, tells and reflects on the excerpted episode: Hawking only mentions his “run in” with Christianity a few times. A prominent memory of the Bible was having a tutor use the Bible in English […]

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Acquiring Lexica – Your Input Appreciated

It’s time that I finally buy Greek and Hebrew lexica. I’m therefore currently trying to work out the best way to go about adding BDAG and HALOT to my library, whether physically or digitally. I’d love your input. At the moment, I’m most seriously considering digital versions given my somewhat transient life–currently living in France, […]

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Literacy in the Ancient World

A while back a friend and I were discussing literacy in the ancient world. We were entertaining questions such as, two thousand years ago, how many people could read? Could write? Owned books? I never was able to find an answer online, or even a guess. Well, last weekend while on the TGV to Paris […]

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