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In doing an intensified language course, like J-Term/Summer Hebrew or Greek, having a ready-to-go flashcard program for the computer is where it’s at. Talk about maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. I found the below Microsoft Excel flashcard file for Seow’s Biblical Hebrew vocabulary. I had no idea that Excel was capable of this, but boy is it sweet. I snagged it from Lionel Windsor. His language tools pages are a little treasure trove, and it looks like we get the booty! Thanks, Lionel.

Download Seow Biblical Hebrew Flashcards

[Edit: check the vocabulary list in the Excel file against the chapter’s vocabulary list in the book which you are trying to learn first before studying that chapter. I think there are a few discrepancies.]

8 responses to “Seow Biblical Hebrew Flashcards”

  1. anne Avatar

    thanks for the vocabulary list – it would be very useful for me as I’m beginning Biblical Hebrew and using Seow’s grammar, but I can’t read the hebrew words, and didn’t manage to download the proper font. Would you by any chance have the list of vocabulary words in another format like pdf ?
    Thanks for your help,

  2. drew Avatar

    Anne, glad you found this, but I’m sorry the fonts aren’t showing up for you. Visit the SBL web site and check out their font section for some help.

    I went ahead and made a PDF for you. Hopefully, this is what you were looking for:

  3. Wayne Avatar

    Thanks for the Excel file. It was very helpful. I rearranged the file in Hebrew alphabetical order. Here is the link if you need it:

    1. drew Avatar

      That’s great, man! Blessings to you in your Hebrew study.

  4. Nathan W. Bingham Avatar

    Thanks Drew for this XLS file. I am having trouble with it. I open it, and I can’t get the macro to run. Security settings allow macros, but clicking the button does nothing. I have tried it in Excel Mac 2008, Numbers, and Open Office.

    1. drew Avatar

      Nathan, I wonder if it’s a Mac thing. I just downloaded the XLS file anew and it worked normally, after enabling the macro. I’m using Office 2010 on Windows 7. Sorry it’s not cooperating. You might try this site for some other study materials:

  5. Stephen Sheasby Avatar

    Great resource. I am brushing up on my Hebrew as I start my MTh. Having read or looked at Hebrew in any serious way in about 10 years.

    Anyway, thought I would let you know to update the link to Linel Windsor’s site to: The one you have gives a 404 error.

    1. drew Avatar

      Updated the link. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!