Fish and Chips for Dinner

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Today Poppy and I ran around doing errands in the afternoon.  We exchanged a dress at the mall and after visiting the bank we raided the dollar store for more ice trays and a mop head.  We found the ice trays but left the mop head, one thing to understand about the dollar store…if you’re looking specifically for quality in a product you aren’t going to find it for a dollar.  HOWEVER!!!  As we were just wasting time wondering around at what worthless junk we could fill the house with we came across a bath book.  A diamond in the rough!!  This bath book has turned out to be a little beauty.  Its simple, its colorful, its perfect for my little water baby.  The book is Finding Nemo with colors.  And I’m tempted to go back and buy some more to give friends who are pregnant or save them for when Poppy is a little older, they had The Little mermaid and Winnie-The-Pooh.  Look how much Poppy enjoyed (eating) it!


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