How to Create a URL Shortcut with Anycut

Adding a shortcut to your Android home screen is easy with Anycut. Or, is it? After you install, you’re presented with an opportunity to code. But what do I code? I’m not a programmer. I’m just a man in love with my Motorola Droid who would like to make my own shortcut on the home screen.

For example, I want to make a home screen shortcut to Google Tasks. It’s found at Anycut’s Make your own option gives you three blank fields to fill in: Action, Data, and Type.

How to Create a URL Shortcut

To create a simple shortcut that will open the URL (i.e., web site) of your choice you only need the first two fields. Here’s what I entered for Google Tasks.

  • Action
  • Data

You can leave Type blank. Note: “VIEW” must be capitalized and you must include “http://” in your URL.

Further Reading

Thanks to the following sites that led me down the right path to figure this out and post it for you:


  1. Bruno Machado   •  

    I know this is probably an old post. But it was quite helpful to me and my wife, so thanks a lot!

  2. Jemma   •  

    Thanks, nice and easy to follow and helped me to create the shortcut I wanted.

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