Animal Puzzle With Animal Sounds

Last week I walked in to Poppy’s playroom and discovered her sitting on the floor doing this puzzle that was given to her by her Great Aunt Barb and Great Uncle Jerry.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her place each animal one by one into the proper places without anyone showing her where they all go.  So today I asked her to do it for the camera so we could keep a record of this milestone and she pleasantly obliged.   I just love the part where I point out the pig and she automatically starts doing her impression of a pig noise…so sweet.


  1. Nigel Hayes   •  

    Clever girl. Very impressive. She’s so cute as well.

  2. Georgina Hayes   •  

    I love the way she is so engrossed in the puzzle. She’s very patient with the pieces and doesn’t get cross when they don’t fit immediately.

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