Easter Egg Hunt

Poppy participated in the town’s Easter Egg Hunt. Here’s how it went down.

We arrived right on time, but Poppy grew despondent as the crowd of rival one and two year-olds grew in size.

Even so, we kept close to the judge and our eyes on the prize, the multicolored eggs and the golden and silver eggs in particular as they contained a ticket to a prize.

At the sounding of the bullhorn a mass of confusion ensued, Easter bedlam! But not before this creature made an appearance.

Poppy dominated the hunt and ended up with a nice little eggy collection, even a prized golden egg which we were able to trade in for a stuffed bunny. Victory!

What better way to celebrate than by gorging on our sugary booty.

But there were some less fortunate latecomers with whom we shared our eggs, the family you see walking away in this picture. After all, what better time than Easter to exemplify the statement of our Lord that “it is more blessed to give than receive.”

If only the Easter bunny had been so Christlike. Poppy was terrified. She fled! I think I did hear one child whisper to her that the Bunny eats children. I can neither confirm nor deny this as she was kind of creepy.

Poppy was too quick though and we escaped with our lovingly diminished, partially eaten basket of Easter goodness. Feel free to hunt for more pictures in our photo gallery.