My Caged Animal

Anyone who hangs out in our house long enough would think we never Poppy out.  Every time someone opens the front door you instantly hear these little foot steps running hard to get to the door before it closes.  She has a radar for that door.  The worst thing is once you take her out and for some reason you need to go back in you then have to wrestle with a kicking and screaming almost-two year-old.  I’ve concluded that Poppy is an outdoors kinda girl and thrives just walking down the road hearing the sounds of spring.  When the school bus drives past she says “Whas that?”, when she hears angry crows fighting in the trees she freezes and whispers “Whas that?” and looks like she’s suddenly going to run away.

Sometimes I find it hard to wander around aimlessly, circling in the same spot as she walks back and forth but I try sooo hard to remember that she thrives outdoors.  She is her happiest when she’s exploring and taking it all in.

This morning we casually wondered up to Taylor Street park.  We took a turn on each thing, first the slide, then the swings and the see-saw looking thing.  Then I had a brain wave.  We phoned Drew who was back at home working on a lecture for his class and asked him to bring up Poppy’s sand toys.  He came running up, barefoot of course like the good Daddy he is.

So we sat in the sand pit for about an hour just shoveling sand and tipping it on to her feet.  She was content and it was so quiet on a Thursday morning.  Who needs the beach when you have your own sand toys and a local playground that provides the sand.


  1. jean bollinger   •  

    I so enjoy your sharing your lives with me!! Poppy is beautiful and you all are such wonderful, caring parents. The pictures are amazing…she is beautiful!

    Thanks, Emily and Drew and Poppy!!

    • Emily   •  

      You are so welcome Jean!! Thank you for commenting and thus being part our lives through this website! I wish you would come back and visit us at work.

  2. Leah   •  

    I love these pictures! What a great idea to just let her play in the sand for awhile. My boy especially thrives on being outside too, and yet it is hard for me to just ‘waste’ time supervising his activity outside when there are other things I could be doing. But the kids will be small only for a little while…

    If Poppy ever needs outdoor company, let me know! The Finnlings would love to play!

    • Emily   •  

      Yea I do find it a challenge when Poppy just wants to wander around and see what mischief she can get in to but I’ve decided its all about surrendering to myself and thinking like you said, she won’t be this young for long and there will come a day when I wish for it back. So I’m trying hard to enjoy capturing her sweet expressions of wonder and her inquisitive mind.

  3. Georgina Hayes   •  

    Of course what Poppy needs is a Granny. The 2 of us would be very happy outside together. I’m sure Poppy would be better company than Shelly. I can’t wait for the sunny days ahead.

    • Emily   •  

      Yes Poppy is exactly Granny’s kind of girl, in fact you are strangely similar in that you like to just go out in to the garden and potter about. This park is very clean so there would be no litter for you to pick up but you could start weeding their landscaping 😉

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