My Latest Obsession

I know many of you have plunged into the world of blogging and if you are an avid blogger you may also be an avid blog reader too.  It may have taken me some time but I have recently and suddenly become a little hooked on reading some quite frankly awesome personal blog sites.

The funniest thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I was casually chatting to a close friend of mine.  We stumbled upon the topic of blogs and due to her great taste in everything else in the world I wanted to ask if she knew of any fun blogs she could recommend for my reading enjoyment.  I began describing a blog I was currently following, when lo and behold she had been following this same blogger for about a little over a year!!  With all due respect she was a great deal more obsessed than I was and had some classic stalking stories to tell of how she actually ended up meeting the blogger.  BUT what was weird (if that isn’t weird enough) my friend lives in Kentucky (and yes she will continue to go un-named) and I live in North Carolina and this blogger lives in Florida!!!   And by the scary yet wonderful nature of the internet we were instantly linked.

Does anyone else get off a 12 hour shift (that actually turns in to a 14 hour shift when all is said and done), drives home in a stupor and then bounces on to the couch with a plate of leftover thin crust pizza and bowl of semi over cooked peas to revel in the delights of what everyone else has been doing on a beautiful sunny Monday?

Hmm….maybe reading blogs is my escape? No, thats unfair.  Maybe a distraction?  Still not hitting the spot….my inspiration!    After an insane day of following peoples low blood sugars, mediating between stressed out/frustrated doctors and phlebotomists,  and attempting multiple times to in & out cath a schizophrenic.  May I be allowed a little time to find inspiration in the simple things of life? Drinking  tea, handmade shoes, daily life in Florida of swimming pools and trips to the beach, random favorite things and baby milestones.  These are the things I want to end my day with, the thoughts that help me sleep after living THAT day.

I want to add to my small but perfectly adequate list of blogs, but I’m nervous I won’t find ones I like as much as these.

I also want to brighten someone else’s day with my own contribution to a world of inspiration. Inspiration that is continuous in the small things, not a bombardment that fades just as fast as it arrived.  Inspiration breathed only by God.

This is Inspiration found in my own back yard.  The joy of my sweet Poppy and her little friend Vi.

The excitement of this little girl

That Jean jacket is all the inspiration I need

Fearless is this girl's middle name

That little mouth


Therefore, if you know of or even write an inspirational blog let me know because I wanna read it.


  1. Rhea   •  

    Totally me! I’ll out myself – haha. I’m just glad I found a fellow fan 🙂 In my defence, I don’t think it would be classified as stalking since I introduced myself – right? I LOVE the first picture of Poppy – that girl is over the top gorgeous.

  2. Emily   •  

    Very true, you did introduce yourself but maybe thats worse 😉 LOL.

    The first photo makes me laugh because it looks like shes laughing so hard and is bent over cuz shes going to pee her pants!

  3. emily   •     Author

    Hey Jessica,
    Apparently your comment went through to spam so it didn’t show up straight away but I am enjoying looking through all the blogs you like and see some great stuff here!! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and the family are doing well.

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