NIV 2011 Translators’ Notes

Despite what you may have heard or read elsewhere or if you think you already know which English Bible translation is your favorite, let me encourage you to check out the updated New International Version, NIV 2011, and even to do so by perusing the NIV 2011 Translators’ Notes (PDF).

I’ve been using this updated NIV for Scripture memory, lecture preparation and teaching and have found it to be a blessing. Previously I used the English Standard Version and enjoyed it most of the time, but when the updated NIV came out I decided to explore it more, especially as I had never really used the NIV.

Last night I read the NIV 2011 Translators’ Notes and was greatly blessed by gaining a sense of the love with which this translation committee aims to serve the church. As one entering ministry in Bible translation I found the NIV 2011 Translators’ Notes document absolutely fascinating and immensely helpful for elucidating contemporary scholarship and translation theory. Download the PDF.

Also, don’t miss Larry Hurtado’s blog entry about his recent lecture entitled “The King James Bible and Biblical Scholarship.” His argument has implications for how we think about contemporary translation: Bible translations will always reflect the state of biblical scholarship at their time of translation. They’re fossils. But, fortunately, they’re unique fossils in that they can be updated to reflect the fruits of more recent scholarship. Thus, the NIV 2011 Translators’ Notes.


  1. Josh Honeycutt   •  

    I haven’t heard a ton about the NIV 2011, but the few comments I have heard weren’t overwhelmingly positive. I don’t personally use the NIV, but I believe that every translation has its benefits. It’s good to hear you speak kindly towards it.

  2. Brandon Funk   •  

    Enjoyed reading your post. I grew up on the NIV and love the translation, it just feels right to me when I read it. I have been reading up on the 2011NIV and have found some people who are very hard on it. However their arguments don’t seem to hold much water. Thank you for speaking in favor of it. I tried the ESV for a while…pretty wooden, if you know what I mean. One of the main attacks I’m reading about is that the new NIV is “gender inclusive”. Are the changes made in this area true to the original text’? God bless.
    P.S. do you have any relatives who did mission work in Canada?

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