Back After a Little Hiccup

And I’m back! (Drew worked his magic again.  After putting the hard drive from my laptop in to his, he actually got it working).  Bringing you all the latest in the lives of Poppy and Henry.  Have you realised yet that I post soley about the children and Drew posts about everything else.  Haha.

Today I noticed Henry could clap.

But yesterday was an even bigger day for Henry.  Yesterday he got his first haircut.  His hair was looking so scruffy and was always getting in his eyes.  So we finally just went for it.

Who did it?  Drew that’s who.  He insisted!  It worked out ok though, I eventually got the scissors and did a little myself.  So this work of art is a collaboration.  We’ll call it art, because then we can say “it’s supposed to look like that”. Actually it turned out fine and I think he looks even more handsome.  Check out the video and then look at the after photos below.

First bike

I’ve never seen that face before

Uh-oh, I think he sees one of the many motorbikes that fly through our town, don’t get any ideas Henry!


  1. Rachael & Daniel   •  

    Nice Job Ya’ll! I need to get on Louis’ second haircut.

    • Emily   •     Author

      10 euros for a cut and blow-dry 😉

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